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27 New Clients In the First 35 Days: How a New York MedSpa Skyrocketed ROI

“In just over a month, our MedSpa saw 27 new booked clients, all thanks to the expert Multichannel Marketing team of Ashworth Strategy!”  — J.F., MedSpa Owner

If you’re aiming to amplify your MedSpa’s growth, delve into this case study to see how we enhanced this spa’s lead count and booked clients remarkably between July 26 and August 31, 2023. Harnessing our specialized Beauty Sales Accelerator™ system, we not only provided a cost-effective lead approach but also made sure the conversion to bookings was seamless.

The Challenge

They approached us with an ambition: to increase client bookings by maximizing their leads while maintaining the quality and cost-effectiveness of their campaigns.

The Solution

Our team commenced by applying our holistic Results Action Plan audit, paving the path for a comprehensive multi-channel marketing blueprint tailored for this MedSpa. Central to our strategy was a landing page built for peak conversions that spoke directly to their target clientele. Once this foundation was laid, we embarked on a diverse advertising regimen covering platforms like Facebook/Instagram and Google, supplemented with adept email and SMS marketing campaigns. Throughout the process, we constantly fine-tuned our approach—testing various campaigns, offers, and budgets—to ensure every dollar spent was fully optimized.

The Results

Through our detailed and diversified marketing assault, we established the New York MedSpa as a go-to destination for wellness aficionados across the platforms we targeted. The numbers speak for themselves: with a budget of $1,665, we secured 157 leads at a cost of just $10.60 per lead. Moreover, the conversion to bookings stood at an impressive rate of $61 per booking.
Imagine the growth your MedSpa could experience with our expertise on your side.

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