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Let’s be honest, there are many ways to hire marketing experts, from freelance marketplaces to agencies.

But for market-leading brands like Beautiful Disaster, Instantly Ageless, Toups & co., CatGenie, Saffron Jewelry, Coner Hats and many others who have partnered with Ashworth Strategy, what matters most is having a world-class team that delivers long-term scalable solutions

If you want to be THE brand people love and talk about for years to come, then Ashworth Strategy is for you. For 12 years, we’ve been providing high-performing, result-driven, and scalable multi-channel marketing solutions turning online stores into sensational brands.


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Meet the founder

Tamara Ashworth

Tamara Ashworth, the visionary behind Ashworth Strategy, leads an industry-leading Multichannel Marketing Agency that specializes in empowering businesses across four niche industries: Beauty, Apparel, Pets, and Kids. Her unique blend of finance and marketing expertise, honed through an MBA from the Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame, has paved the way for building a world-class, data-driven Marketing Agency. Today, Ashworth Strategy stands as the recognized industry leader, empowering business owners in Beauty, Apparel, Pets, and Kids to achieve and sustain remarkable growth.

With invaluable experience from launching global businesses, Tamara’s mission is to equip entrepreneurs in these industries with the tools and strategies for sustainable, long-term success. Ashworth Strategy’s distinctive approach to multichannel marketing has propelled countless businesses to 7 and over 8-figure revenue milestones. The agency is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of Beauty, Apparel, Pets, and Kids industries, one thriving business at a time. Join Ashworth Strategy today and become part of the transformation.