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Beautiful Disaster Case Study: How We Scaled a Clothing Store into a $12MM Brand in 12 Months

If you are looking to scale up your online apparel brand, check out our case study on how we scaled Beautiful Disaster Clothing from 7 to 8 figures within 12 months of working together. We used our Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system to help them reach their first 6-figure day and scale their business by 700%.

About Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster Clothing is a California-based clothing brand that sells apparel and accessories with an emotionally charged and powerful message behind the products. Before working with Ashworth Strategy, the client was making 6 figures per month but was looking to hit 7 figures.

The Challenge

When Beautiful Disaster first approached us, their social media advertising campaigns had stalled and they were not able to scale further. On top of this, their ROI was diminishing by the week. The company reached out to Ashworth Strategy to discuss our involvement in turning their business growth around with our in-depth Multichannel Marketing approach.

The Solution

The first step to scaling Beautiful Disaster to 7 figures was an in-depth audit which revealed many missed opportunities and led to us developing a thorough step-by-step strategy plan. By analyzing their existing data in a different way, gaining a deeper understanding of their consumers, and developing a new strategy, we were able to create ads that fully resonated with their audiences and carry that across all social media channels to promote a consistent and integrated message for their brand.

We were able to instantly reduce the cost of acquisition by simply changing how campaigns were optimized inside the ad account and by building up their retargeting and loyalty campaigns. Previously, they had relied solely on cold audience advertising.

We created an advanced Facebook Ads strategy with a structured funnel targeting cold and warm audiences as well as previous customers. Our strategy involved utilizing our proven testing and scaling setup, the product catalog, dynamic product ads, and a mix of high-quality image and video creatives. We also added UTMs to all ads so that they could be properly analyzed under Events Manager’s Aggregated Data.

Annual Sales (October 2021): The brand hit 8 figures with $10,801,923 in sales – a revenue increase of 62% in 12 months!

The Results

By reducing the cost of acquisition and implementing our integrated multichannel strategy with a consistent message and advanced approach to Facebook ads, we were able to get the client to their first $1MM month and $100K day, ultimately turning Beautiful Disaster Clothing into a $12MM brand.

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