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Conner Hats Case Study: 150% Increase in Revenue in 3 Months

Looking to grow your premium hats or accessory brand? Don’t miss our case study on how we increased revenue for Conner Hats by over 150% in 3 months! Using our proven Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system, we increased revenue by 90% within just one month of advertising, boosted email and SMS sales by 112% compared to 2022, increased conversion rate by over 25%, and reached an MER of 6.09.

About Conner Hats

Conner Hats is an e-commerce brand that sells sustainably-made, premium-quality hats for men and women. They offer a wide range of hat styles, hats made of different materials, and hats designed for various activities. The client came to us with the goal of growing their revenue.

The Challenge

Before working with us, Conner Hats had previously run ads; however, they weren’t utilizing broad audiences and interest targeting. There was also quite a bit of room for testing new creatives and copy. In addition, their previous email marketing strategy combined both e-commerce and wholesale emails, which damaged the brand’s overall email performance. Based on our comprehensive Results Action Plan audit, it was clear that the client needed an advanced advertising strategy including website improvements, Facebook/Instagram ads, and email/SMS marketing. While their ad account had data behind it, we built out our strategy mostly from scratch, utilizing the previous data for a few ads.

The Solution

Because Conner Hats sells several different hats for men and women, as well as hats for a range of activities, our strategy was to utilize catalogs for men and women, in addition to using lifestyle images and reviews to optimize ad performance. We made several improvements on the website to optimize the conversion rate. We also implemented an email and SMS marketing strategy that targeted subscribers based on past purchases, engagement, and interests. In addition, we separated e-commerce emails from their wholesale email strategy, which greatly improved metrics across the board.

The Results

By implementing our Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system, our advanced advertising strategy allowed us to successfully scale Conner Hats’ revenue by 90% within just one month of advertising, and within 3 months of working together, we increased their sales by over 150%! We also increased their conversion rate by over 25%, reached an average CTR of 3.12%, and boosted email and SMS sales by 112% compared to 2022. This resulted in a total MER of 6.09.

Total Revenue (February 21-April 13, 2023): 102% increase in online store sales compared to the previous period (Dec 31, 2022-Feb 20, 2023)

Monthly Revenue (March 2023): 89% increase in sales within the first month of working together.

Total Revenue (March 21-June 17, 2023): Increase in sales by over 150% in 3 months and increase in conversion rate by 29%.

Email/SMS Revenue (February 21-April 13, 2023): 112% increase in email/SMS sales compared to 2022

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