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Health Product Brand Case Study: 816% Increase in Revenue in Less Than 2 Months

Looking to grow your healthcare product brand? Check out our case study on how we helped our client increase their revenue by 816% in less than 2 months! Using our proprietary Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system, we helped the client achieve a massive boost in sales and increased the website’s conversion rate by 6%.

The Challenge

The online health product business has been running ads, but they were struggling and they were running out of funds. They hired us to quickly turn things around during a pivotal time for the business.

The Solution

We began with our comprehensive audit known as the Result Action Plan, where we meticulously analyzed every aspect of the client’s business. This crucial step allowed us to identify areas of improvement and tailor our approach to maximize their sales potential. With a focus on testing and optimization, we fine-tuned their advertising campaigns to achieve maximum conversions. Our team of experts ran targeted ads that resonated with their audience, leading to a significant increase in sales and a remarkable boost in their conversion rate.

The Results

By using our Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system, we were able to help the client reach 3-4X ROAS, exploded their sales by 816%, and increased their conversion rate by 6% in less than two months. The combination of our advanced advertising strategy and the Ecom Sales Accelerator system propelled the brand to new heights of success.

Total Revenue (Feb 1-March 27, 2019): 816% increase in online store sales compared to the previous period (Dec 8-Jan 31, 2019).

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