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Instantly Ageless Case Study: 5,453% Increase in Revenue Within 12 Months

If you’re looking to grow your beauty brand, read on to find out how we increased Instantly Ageless’ sales by 5,453% in just 12 months! Using our proprietary Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system, we boosted the brand’s conversion rate by 39%, reached an average CTR of 4.24%, and increase revenue by 796% compared to 2022.

About Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless is an online beauty brand that sells the ‘Facelift in a Box’, which temporarily smooths wrinkles and imperfections. This was an established product that had previously been sold through distributors, but the founders wanted to start selling the products themselves.

The Challenge

Based on our comprehensive Results Action Plan audit, it was clear that the client needed a new website, as well as new ad accounts. Because the client had minimal knowledge of Facebook marketing, they didn’t know where to start with Meta advertising. Additionally, Meta advertising policies pose unique challenges for skincare brands, especially if their ads contain content that Meta deems inappropriate, such as before-and-after photos, sensitive topics, personal attributes, or claims that cannot be substantiated. Therefore, they needed someone to manage their ads who had a thorough understanding of the platform’s advertising policies and limitations. 

The Solution

Before we could run any ads for Instantly Ageless, we created an advanced advertising strategy that included Facebook and Instagram ads, Google ads, and email/SMS marketing. Because their account was brand-new when we started working with them, we developed our strategy completely from scratch. This meant building out a new website, Facebook page, email account, and ad accounts.

Due to Meta’s strict guidelines for running skincare ads, our team thought of creative and innovative ways to advertise, ultimately developing effective ad campaigns that complied with their policies. For example, we focused heavily on running video ads for both men and women to demonstrate the effects of their products. Because email marketing is less strict than Meta advertising, we built out an email and SMS marketing strategy that included before and after photos and other content to showcase the effects of the products.

The Results

By implementing our Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system, our advanced advertising strategy allowed us to successfully scale Instantly Ageless and increase sales by 5,453% in the first 12 months of working together! We increased their conversion rate by 39%, reached an average CTR of 4.24%, and increased revenue by 796% compared to 2022. Our email and SMS strategy led to an increase in revenue by more than 999% compared to 2022.

Annual Revenue (2022): 5,453% increase in online store sales over the previous year (2021)

Monthly Revenue (February 2023): $98K in sales – a 1,417% increase compared to 2022

Total Revenue – Year to Date (April 2023): 796% increase compared to 2022

Email Revenue – Year to Date (May 2023): More than 999% increase in sales compared to 2022

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