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Kids’ Boutique Case Study: 120% Increase in Revenue in Under 4 Weeks

If you’re looking to grow your kids’ brand, you won’t want to miss this case study! In the first three weeks of partnering with them, we helped the client achieve a 40% increase in sales, and as Black Friday rolled around, sales skyrocketed by 120% in under 4 weeks. We used our proprietary Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system to help scale the business and create a significant boost in sales.

About the Client

The client owns an e-commerce kids’ brand that sells fashionable children’s clothing in a variety of fun patterns and styles. The owner came to us with the goal of scaling her revenue in hopes of replacing her current income.

The Challenge

Prior to teaming up with us, the client had run ads on her own, but challenges arose due to her product release schedule, rendering most best-performing ads unusable due to stock limitations and heavy discounts. Nevertheless, we quickly adapted, creating fresh and successful ads from scratch. During a short testing period before launching Black Friday campaigns, our objective was clear—to grow the company into a thriving business that could facilitate the owner’s transition from her day job.

The Solution

We went to work on various fronts, implementing website changes, optimizing email flows, and enhancing email communications to boost customer engagement. A pivotal aspect of our strategy involved setting up Facebook and Google ads that remained stable and profitable. To achieve this, we created dynamic catalog campaigns and carousels, ensuring our advertising efforts aligned seamlessly with the brand’s offerings and resonated with the target audience.

The Results

We implemented our Ecom Sales Accelerator™ to achieve outstanding results for the client. We helped the brand increase sales by 40% in the first three weeks of working together. By the fourth week of managing ads and email marketing, revenue increased by 120% during Black Friday sales. In less than two weeks, email revenue increased by 1000%. These fantastic results are a testament to the power of our Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system and our tailored approach to maximizing growth and profitability.

Total Revenue (Nov 4-Nov 23, 2022): 40% increase in online store sales compared to the previous period (Oct 15-Nov 3, 2022).


Total Revenue (Nov 4-Nov 28, 2022): 120% increase in online store sales compared to the previous period (Oct 10-Nov 3, 2022). 


Total Email Revenue (Nov 16-Nov 29, 2023): 1000% increase in email revenue.

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