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Kids’ Brand Case Study: 236% Increase in Revenue in Less Than 12 Months

Hoping to take your kids’ brand to the next level? Check out this case study about a cookie kit company! Using our Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system, we were able to scale the client’s business profitably, resulting in a 236% increase in revenue in less than 12 months and a 6-figure year! The brand became so popular during our partnership, leading to brand collaborations with Disney, Nickelodeon, and Williams Sonoma in 2022-2023! The business was also featured on Good Morning America’s Digital Guide to Women-Owned Businesses and they even made cookie kits for the NFL Pro Bowl players’ kids!

About the Client

The client owns an online kids’ brand that creates DIY cookie decorating kits for various holidays, events, seasons, and more. They came to us with the goal of growing their revenue and becoming a well-known brand.

The Challenge

Before partnering with us, the client’s website needed a lot of improvement. It lacked reviews, a shipping policy, and return/refund policies. They had previously worked with a different agency and they weren’t happy with ROAS. They also needed more creatives in order to run successful ads.

The Solution

One of the key strategies we implemented was adding an upsell at the cart stage, offering glitter paints and aprons to customers. The response was incredible, with a high number of people taking the upsell, leading to a significant increase in their average order value (AOV). This strategic move not only boosted their revenue but also enhanced the overall shopping experience for their customers. To further elevate their brand, we worked closely with the client on developing better creatives. By focusing on lifestyle creatives and engaging video content, we were able to capture the attention and hearts of their target audience. These captivating visuals showcased the joy and creativity of cookie decorating, forming a deeper connection with customers and driving increased sales.

The Results

Using our proven Ecom Sales Accelerator™, we helped the brand gain widespread recognition and popularity, leading to exciting collaborations with industry giants like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Williams Sonoma. Within less than 12 months, the business experienced an impressive 236% increase in revenue, transforming their business into a successful six-figure enterprise. The client was featured on Good Morning America’s Digital Guide to Women-Owned Businesses, and their cookie kits even reached the children of NFL Pro Bowl players!

“When we look at the results that we’ve seen from our campaigns, we have absolutely seen a tremendous increase.” – Client

Total Revenue (Jan 1-Nov 30, 2021): 236% increase in online store sales compared to the previous period (Feb 2-Dec 31, 2020).


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