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Naples Soap Company Case Study: 6.22X Advertising ROAS After Just One Week of Working Together

Looking to scale up your skincare brand? Check out our case study on how we helped Naples Soap Company reach $66,485.04 in the first month of partnering with us. Using our Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system, we increased advertising ROAS to 6.22x after the first week, boosted revenue by 124%, and achieved an ROI of 602%.

About Naples Soap Company

Naples Soap Company is a Florida-based skincare brand that sells natural skin and hair care products. Before working with Ashworth Strategy, the brand had loyal customers but needed to grow its online customer base and hold a consistent ROAS to maintain its profits. The client was looking to put more focus on promoting its shampoo and conditioner bar products while acquiring new customers.

The Challenge

When this client came to us, they had a loyal customer base but were struggling to find new customers online. The main challenge was reaching new audiences and acquiring new customers. It was clear the client needed a profitable and effective marketing strategy focused on customer acquisition as well as maintaining a steady ROAS.

The Solution

The most important steps to scaling Naples Soap Company involved building its brand presence and attracting new audiences. We created an advanced testing and optimizing strategy, specifically around creatives and ad formats. We tested product videos, UGC videos, and images as well as different Facebook ad formats: collection ads, carousel ads, and dynamic product ads. Another strategy we tested that performed well for this brand was sending traffic to their blog pages. This built trust in the brand and increased knowledge of the products. With this extensive testing, we were able to find multiple ads that converted profitably with a cold audience. As a result, we were able to scale the brand quickly.

The Results

When Naples Soap Co. came on board with us, they were running a warehouse sale. We expected results to drop when the sale ended. However, when we took over their ad management, we were able to achieve a ROAS of 6.22 in just one week. By running our updated ads and implementing our new customer acquisition strategy, we increased the monthly ROAS from 3.92 in December to 5.82 in January. The client was happy with the results and approved to start scaling after the first month.

When We Started (Sale Results): $13,203.98 in total sales with a ROAS of 6.22

Month 1 (Jan-Feb): An increase in monthly ROAS from 3.92 in December to 5.82 in January

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