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Saved By Grace Co. Case Study: 725% Revenue Increase In Less Than 3 Months

Looking to take your apparel brand to new heights? Check out our latest case study on how we helped Saved By Grace Co. hit over $100k in Shopify sales in January of 2023—an increase of more than 725% since they signed on with us at the end of October! Using our proprietary Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system, we scaled the brand on Google, Facebook, and Instagram and achieved an MER of 8.65x.

About Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace Co. is an online home and apparel brand selling handmade products with purpose in North Carolina. Before working with Ashworth Strategy, the client wanted to grow her business after seeing success with wholesale and was looking to achieve $50k/month in online store sales.

The Challenge

Based on our comprehensive Results Action Plan audit, it was clear that ads needed to be launched right before Black Friday. The brand signed on with us at the end of October, and because of the short window after launching, the client wasn’t able to see a lot of data prior to going into the most expensive time of year in advertising. Although the business has seen some prior success, it needed help scaling that success profitably.

The Solution

The first step to getting Saved By Grace Co. to $50k/month in online store sales was to build out testing based on previously run ads. We build out our initial testing strategy by starting with what previously worked and creating new ads around the store’s best-performing products. Using this strategy, we were able to achieve great results for Black Friday. After the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, we started to test new creatives and products to see what performed best.

The Results

By implementing our testing strategy after Black Friday, we were able to find the best niche for the client and scale her account. When the client ran a Valentine’s Day Sale and collection launch, the ads really took off! We helped the online brand reach over an MER of 8.65x, a 7x ROAS on Facebook and Instagram, and over $100k in online sales for the month of January more than double her original goal of $50k/per month!

Before We Started (October 2022): $12k per month in sales

January 2023: Over $100k in sales for the month!

After 4 Months (March 2023): Nearly $200k in sales – an increase of 333% compared to the previous year.

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