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Toups and Co. Case Study: 270% Increase in Revenue Within 12 Months

If you are looking to scale up your skincare brand, check out our latest case study on how we helped turn Toups and Co. into a $2MM brand within 12 months. We used our Ecom Sales Accelerator™ system to increase revenue by 270%, increase RCR by 15%, achieve a conversion rate of 5.9%, and reach an MER of 17.74. By the end of 2022, Toups and Co. hit over $3MM in annual sales.

The brand has grown so popular that it was mentioned in a recent YouTube video by #1 influencer in the world for beauty and skincare, Tati:

“I have seen amazing results…I love it. I tell everyone, I’m like your mind will be blown…Get beef tallow and put it on your legs. You will all of a sudden just be like, oh my gosh, I have been using 50 different bottles of lotion that seem to moisturize and feel good in the moment, and then you have that rebound of it drying them out. When you see something like this that is more rich and the body knows what to do with it, it’s completely bioavailable. It kind of…mimics what we already have going on in our skin, you see a good result.”

About Toups and Co.

Toups and Co. is a beauty brand selling organic skincare products and cosmetics in the USA. The business began as a husband and wife team crafting natural skincare and makeup products in their kitchen using ingredients from their farm. They later expanded, partnering with various small sustainable farms to create a wider range of products.

The Challenge

When this client came to us, they had loyal customers but they were struggling to find new customers online. The main challenge was getting in front of a larger audience. The business was looking to grow its customer base, focus on promoting its makeup products, and scale as soon as it could. It was clear the client needed an integrated marketing strategy focused on customer acquisition as well as increasing the lifetime value of their customers.

The Solution

The first step to scaling Toups and Co. was to increase its customer base. We built up their brand presence, wrote new ad copy with more information about the products to attract more customers, and created campaigns to target previous customers to get them to return and purchase again. We implemented a testing strategy to find the hero products of the brands that would acquire new customers at the lowest cost.

The Results

Our strategy to grow Toups and Co.’s customer base resulted in an immediate increase of $20,000/month in the first 6 months of working with us, with a much higher rate of new customers. This allowed the client to accomplish her first goal, which was to generate enough income to retire her husband. Although we were prepared to scale the account further, long lead times on her products and supply constraints prevented us from scaling the brand faster during this time.

Before We Started (July 2020)

After 6 Months (February 2021): Increased by $20,000 in additional sales per month.

Our team worked together and scaled the store steadily using proven scaling methods for Facebook and Google ads, increased the conversion rate and AOV by optimizing the website, found their hero product (which wasn’t the product they wanted to focus on initially), and in September of 2022, they hit a HUGE milestone – $300k per month!

Monthly Sales (September 2022): The brand’s first $300k month.

As of October 2022, we were able to scale Toups and Co. to a $2MM brand. When the company hit its first $300k per month, the founder had to hire a COO because the brand had grown exponentially and in such a short amount of time.

Annual Sales (October 2022): Over $2MM in sales!

By the end of 2022, Toups and Co. passed $3MM in annual revenue, with a 5.9% conversion rate. There was a 172% increase in store sessions and a 123% increase in orders.

Annual Sales (End of 2022): Officially a $3MM brand with a 5.9% conversion rate.

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