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Ecom Growth Hacks Premium Training Program

Do you want to achieve agency-level results? Then this premium training program is for you.

The EXACT Process We Use To Turn Stores Into Multimillion Dollar Brands

eCommerce Growth Hacks Premium Training Program

Inside of the 6-Week Training Program . . .

Week 1: Business Intelligence Deep Dive
Building the foundations of your business to set you up for success.

Week 2: Knowing Your Numbers
Discovering exactly what it will take to get you to your financial goals.

Week 3: Website Conversion Rate Optimization
Get your website traffic-ready so that you can convert more sales without adding a single extra dollar into your paid advertising.

Week 4: Email Marketing Breakthrough
Learn why it is so crucial to get your Email Marketing right from the very beginning to capture more sales and not leave any money on the table.

Week 5: Google Ads Powerhouse
Find out how to cohesively use Google ads, Facebook ads and Email Marketing to ignite your marketing and create the ultimate omnipresence for your potential customers.

Week 6: Facebook Ads Ultimate Guide
Facebook is still the most powerful marketing tool for online clothing stores. Learn the most up-to-date strategies on how to create powerful campaigns that reach your perfect audience and scale your store to multi-millions per month.

Learn how to adapt to Apple’s IOS 14 update

Meet Tamara Ashworth

Tamara started her career in Finance before going on to complete her MBA at the University of Notre Dame, where she focused on Marketing.

After spending a few years launching several global brands in the corporate world, Tamara set out to start Ashworth Strategy, a Multichannel Marketing Agency that helps small business owners successfully scale their online product businesses.

Tamara’s background in both Finance and Marketing gives her a unique advantage, which has led to profitably scaling countless online stores to 7 and 8-figures.

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